Since our blog has been moved to Cloudfront the tinyMCE editor just doesn't show up. According to our server admin the blog install is, "on a standard ec2 instance with cloudfront in front of it but not caching anything but static content".

Also, it's running on nginx.

We did a fresh WP install, and only replacing our config file and wp-content from back up. I didn't include the plugins to check if they were the problem. Still no tinyMCE.

I've Googled this quite a bit but nothing has worked or the fix doesn't apply to our server config.


This is the answer I finally found:

function richedit_wp_cloudfront () {

add_action( 'init', 'richedit_wp_cloudfront', 9 );

Add this to or create a functions.php in your themeName directory and you should be good to go.

It appears tinyMCE decides whether it displays or not based on the User-Agent header.

You can confirm this by changing the User-Agent within the Chrome dev tools (View -> Developer -> Tools -> ⋮ -> More tools -> Network conditions -> Deselect 'Select automatically' -> Custom -> Enter something in text box)

Then visit the post edit page of a wordpress site and you'll only have the text editor.

The easiest way to get past this is within AWS CloudFont, add a behaviour for '/wp-admin/*' which allows and forwards everything.

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