Okay, really stupid question here: I toggled the menu bar off, using the view menu option. Now I would like to get it toggled back on but can't figure that out. Anyone have any ideas?


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Just press Alt and toggle it back again

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    This currently does not work. If it doesn't for you see my answer below
    – theking2
    Apr 22, 2021 at 9:20

In the current version (1.55.2) the Alt key does not bring back the menu. But you can use Ctrl-Shift-p to get a list of all commands. Search for menu and toggle it.

View: Toggle menu bar

This was tested on a VM just after installing Vscode from https//code.visualstudio.com without customizing, other then hiding menu und activity bar.

It might be an internationalisation problem. Typing this in a German-language windows installation.

And by the way this is not a stupid question. I spend quite some time on this.


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