Is there any way to change the ATR on a smart card? cards nxp jcop j2a40

ATR need to change or add to it to work properly with the hardware card

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In the cards I know, ATR is set during pre-personalization: both communication parameters and identification details such as the Historical Bytes. The commands to do so are totally vendor-specific (for example, NXP JCOP has its special commands to set ATR). The specification is usually available from the vendor.


In addition to the answer given by @mictter, some javacards allow changing the historical bytes in the ATR using GPSystem.setATRHistBytes().

It depends on your desired change whether it suffices or not as it can't change other bytes of the ATR (expect the lower nibble of the T0 which encodes the number of the historical bytes present).

As far as I know at least some JCOPs do support this.

Beware that the applet MUST have the Card Reset/Default Selected privilege to be allowed to use this method.

Good luck!

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