If I create bean with same name in Root Application context and Child Application context
(as in Root Application Context and dispatcher servlet context)
will child application context override the bean definition ?
What will be the behavior please explain ?
Also explain what will be the behavior In Java Config if I include other Configuration Class and both contain bean with same name.
Will two beans be created ? Or one will override the other.

  • Boy, this seems like an excellent candidate for experimentation! Why not try it out and let us know the results? – rmlan Aug 2 '16 at 19:09

As per my Experimentation

In the parent and child Application Context new Bean is created for each Application Context irrespective whether Bean name is same or not.

Any call made from ( autowired by ) parent application context refers to Bean in Parent Application Context.
Any call made from ( autowired by ) child application context refers to Bean in Child Application Context.

And In Java Config importing other configuration which contains bean with same name does not create a new Bean and Bean Definition is Overridden. This effect is same as Importing bean of same name from XML.

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