I've created a plunkr to demonstrate the issue. Basically there are three <input type="text"> elements with html5 pattern attribute set to ^\d{2}[/]\d{2}[/]\d{4}$ on all of them. Difference between these three textboxes is that one is directly inside a <form>, another is inside a child component and that's inside the <form> tag. The last textbox is entirely outside of <form> and i'm expecting all three of them to behave the same on pattern validation as they all have Angular2 classes (ng-touched, ng-invalid, etc...) set, which tells me they're Angular2 controls. However, issue is that they are never set to ng-valid and always remain ng-invalid even when input value is 99/99/9999 which according to following regex websites is a valid match:

  1. regexpal.com
  2. regexr.com

Interestingly, ng-untouched and ng-pristine do update to proper classes when textboxes receive or lose focus. So what am I missing here? Why is input pattern change doesn't update the css class to be ng-valid? Here's the plunkr I mentioned: https://plnkr.co/edit/kW861I8OdnO9iR0328KP?p=preview


If any of these textboxes are placed outside the <my-app> aka root element, they work just fine and browser validation seems to recognize the pattern to be valid. I've updated the plunkr with txt 4.

  • give it a try blog.thoughtram.io/angular/2016/03/14/… – rashfmnb Aug 2 '16 at 20:34
  • @rashfmnb that's declarative approach and my solution is built using html5 validation. It's a lot more complicated than a few textboxes, I made this to demonstrate the issue. It works in some places but not in above case, so not quite sure how it's supposed to behave. – RoninCoder Aug 2 '16 at 20:37
  • actually i also tried to use textboxes in start but end up with the above link it think it is not supported by angular right now might be in final release. i marked your question as favourite so i might get enlighten by some one else answer – rashfmnb Aug 2 '16 at 20:51
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Plunker uses old forms module (tried few workarounds - did not help), i've checked with new module - it works. Check official doc and add the following:

    bootstrap(Application, [
  • I was in the middle of setting up a new dummy project to try the new RC.4 as i had a hunch this is the case. Unfortunately, i used AnimationBuilder and css transitions which seems to have vanished in RC.4 and hence couldn't upgrade to that. Only to hope if that class was available. – RoninCoder Aug 2 '16 at 22:00

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