I have tried several answers to other questions about updating node.js. However, none has worked for me inside the Laravel Homestead in MacOS.

I currently have the 5.12.0 version.

I have tried the following commands:

  • sudo npm install update
  • sudo npm install -g npm
  • sudo npm install -g npm@latest

And after restarting (with --provision) the machine, node -v still shows the same version.

Any ideas to update it in Homestead?


I have followed this answer:

  • sudo npm cache clean -f
  • sudo npm install -g n
  • sudo n stable

Then I exited


And then I restarted the machine like so:

vagrant reload --provision

I typed node -v and now it outputs v6.2.2 and that did the trick.

However, these steps did not work in the mac terminal!


Try this command:

apt-get install npm

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