Do pickers only works with strings? It's not possible to use a generic class overriding the method toString? I use this technique in Java with ComboBox. For example, if a user must choose a employee I create a class with two parameters int code and String name and a method toString() and populate the ComboBox with objects from that class. The user chooses seeing the names and I can get the code of chosen employee casting the getSelectedItem() to the class created.


Pickers map to OS native calls which provide deep native integration with the OS e.g. a time picker on Android looks like this:

enter image description here

So Picker effectively supports time, date, numbers or Strings as anything more elaborate can't be expressed natively in a reasonable way.

You can use the ComboBox class which is pretty similar to what Swing has and has it's own renderer but it might feel unnatural on the device. Personally I would just use a button and show a popup Dialog when it's pressed if you need customizable capabilities.

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