I am looking for podcasts or videos on how to do unit testing.

Ideally they should cover both the basics and more advanced topics.

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At Dnr TV there are two episodes with JP Boodhoo, where he gives an introduction to test driven development:

If you want to see unit testing and TDD used together with a whole bunch of other agile practices, I would recommend watching the sceencast series Autumn of Agile. This series shows the development of a fully unit tested application from start to finish.

As for podcasts, check out the following:

Since mock objects are a quite important part of unit testing, these podcast episodes might be of interest as well:

  • See also JP on The Machine.Specifications BDD framework at vimeo.com/11642767 - always interesting to see 3 years of new learning. If you merge this in and @ reply to me, I'll remove this comment – Ruben Bartelink May 13 '10 at 13:08

My collected bookmark-dump


Other hanselminutes episodes on testing:

Other podcasts:

Other questions like this:

Blog posts:

I know you didn't ask for books but... Can I also mention that Beck's TDD book is a must read, even though it may seem like a dated beginner book on first flick through (and Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael C. Feathers of course is the bible). Also, I'd append Martin(& Martin)'s Agile Principles, Patterns & Techniques as really helping in this regard. In this space (concise/distilled info on testing) also is the excellent Foundations of programming ebook. Goob books on testing I've read are The Art of Unit Testing and xUnit Test Patterns. The latter is an important antidote to the first as it is much more measured than Roy's book is very opinionated and offers a lot of unqualified 'facts' without properly going through the various options. Definitely recommend reading both books though. AOUT is very readable and gets you thinking, though it chooses specific [debatable] technologies; xUTP is in depth and neutral and really helps solidify your understanding. I read Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit afterwards. It's good and balanced though slightly dated (it mentions RhinoMocks as a sidebar and doesnt mention Moq) - even if nothing is actually incorrect. An updated version of it would be a hands-down recommendation.

More recently I've re-read the Feathers book, which is timeless to a degree and covers important ground. However it's a more 'how, for 50 different wheres' in nature. It's definitely a must read though.

Most recently, I'm reading the excellent Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. I can't recommend it highly enough - it really ties everything together from big to small in terms of where TDD fits, and various levels of testing within a software architecture. While I'm throwing the kitchen sink in, Evans's DDD book is important too in terms of seeing the value of building things incrementally with maniacal refactoring in order to end up in a better place.


You could check out the Unit Testing episodes of Dime Casts.Net.


The following videos are by the author of The Art Of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove:

Understanding Test Driven Development: http://osherove.com/videos/2009/8/25/understanding-test-driven-development.html

Unit Testing Best Practices: http://osherove.com/videos/2009/8/25/unit-testing-best-practices.html

Understanding Mock Objects http://osherove.com/videos/2009/8/25/tdd-understanding-mock-objects.html

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Google employee and testing evangelist Misko Hevery is definitely an authority on unit testing. I'm surprised he hasn't been mentioned yet. He's one of the best lecturers out there, unit testing or no. In fact, I didn't really give a hoot about unit testing until I watched one of his 'casts. He gives clear, professional, to-the-point lectures and 9 times out of ten has something interesting to say. In my book, he's up there with Yegge in terms of influential developers. Plus, he makes subtle nerd jokes as an added bonus too which I find hilarious.


JP Boodhoo is a great guy on unit testing and BDD. He made several videos on how to do unit testing on mvp patterns.

I agree with Andrew. Misko Hevery is quite thoughtful on testing. His project testability-explorer is an innovation to measure your code as an evidence for further refactoring, based on some existing metrics.


Here are 2 really good introductory talks on TDD,BDD and unit testing. The speakers are both authors on the subject and both books are great.

Kent Becks's talk developer testing
David Astel's video on BDD


Unit Testing in Delphi 2005

This BDNtv episode shows the unit testing integration for DUnit for a Delphi/Win32 application in Delphi 2005. Unit testing for C#, Delphi for .NET, and Delphi for Win32 with both NUnit and DUnit are supported in Delphi 2005


Rob Conery covers a bit of this in his Store Front series. But probably not worth it unless your into the ASP.Net MVC stuff.


Here is a link to video by Hadi Hariri on how Mocks make uniting testing easier

Make Tests Easier with Mocks Mocking allows functionality to be stubbed out during tests allowing you to concentrate on the system under test and less on other subsystems. This session covers the idea behind mocks and shows some of the existing mocking frameworks available. See how to effectively use mocks and what the differences are between state and behavior tests.

Here is a link to video by Robert Love on how to Building Unit Tests with DUnit for delphi

Building Unit Tests with DUnit Get up to speed with unit testing in DUnit. No prior knowledge of Unit testing or DUnit is required.

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