I'm trying to build an e-commerce site. Which technology should I use for the Data Access Layer? What are the pros and cons of each?

I plan on using Silverlight for the Intro and Catalog.



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Entity Framework is from Microsoft; Spring is a Java technology, unless you're thinking of Spring.NET.

I'd say either one will work equally well. Your choice depends on your implementation platform and knowledge of the language and framework.

UPDATE: Now that it's clear that you're interested in Spring.NET, I'd say the deciding factors are features and your eagerness/reluctance to stick with whatever Microsoft gives you. Spring.NET is not a Microsoft standard.

  • I was referring to Spring.NET. I'm leaning more towards the Entity Framework right now because it integrates well with Silverlight. Any thoughts? Oct 6, 2010 at 14:13

They aren't mutually exclusive. Spring lets you inject dependencies and manages the lifecycles of those. Entity Framework is a framework for mapping DAO's to physical tables. For example, using the "Repository" pattern, you build IRepository interface and implement that. Spring then injects that into your service or domain classes


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