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int beginIndex, int endIndex

is important when we invoke methods.

How to show this when the cursor is in the brackets? enter image description here


Got the final answer.

Just Ctrl +P in Windows/Linux

or +P in macOS.


To view the method parameters

  1. Place the caret anywhere within the call of the desired method or function.
  2. Choose View | Parameter Info on the main menu or press Ctrl+P.

To configure the behavior of the view parameter information functionality

  1. Open the IDE Settings and click Code Completion below the Editor node.
  2. In the Parameter info section, define the following options:

    • To have a complete method or function signature shown rather than a list of required types, select the Show full signatures check box. Make sure to include the required third-party libraries in the project source path. Otherwise, names of the parameters will not be displayed.

    • To have the list of parameter types for the called method or function shown automatically after a certain delay, select the Auto pop-up (in ms) check box and specify the time period in milliseconds.


If you have non-standard bindings (or want to change what this is bound to), then look here:

Settings > Keymap > Main menu > View > Tool Windows > Parameter Info

And see what the binding is and/or change it to what you want.


Default shortcut to show parameter info in IDEA is ctrl+P.

Here is a sheet from JetBrains with this and other useful keyboard shortcuts: https://resources.jetbrains.com/storage/products/intellij-idea/docs/IntelliJIDEA_ReferenceCard.pdf


This tooltip appears on mouse over events.

Workaround with keyboard: Try to use quick documentation pop-up CTRL+Q .

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