I am trying to turn a PDF which was created using LaTeX with the TikZ and animate packages.

What I get at the moment is a very nice animation in PDF format, but this is not compatible with most other programms like Powerpoint etc. Also a GIF would already be a step forward for me.

I create the animation like this:


\begin{animateinline}[poster=first, controls, loop, autoplay]{60}

    % some parameterized tikz picture
    \useasboundingbox(10,5) rectangle (0,-5);
    \coordinate (pointBB1) at (\valueToChange,5);
    \coordinate (pointBB2) at (10-\valueToChange,-5);
    \draw (pointBB1) -- (pointBB2) coordinate [pos=0.5] (pointBBC);


Although your question is a bit older: Maybe you can use the new upcoming animations library that is currently in the development version of TikZ and which can be used to create animated SVGs. Animated SVGs can be rendered by most modern web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. I've never really used but I've already seen one presentation with those animations. And I could create the following small example by looking up the documentation:



    % some parameterized tikz picture
    \useasboundingbox(10,5) rectangle (0,-5);

    \draw[thick] :rotate = {0s="0",10s="90",freeze}
                 :yshift = {0s="0cm",2s="2cm",freeze} (2,0) -- (8,0);

To compile it you just need to run

latex  animation.tex && dvisvgm animation
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