I'need to access the $promise property of object returned with some default action on $resource (e.g. remove, query...). But it seems it is not possible in current TypeScript definitions for $resource:


I have a student resource:

interface IStudentDataModel {
    name: string
    age: number

interface IStudentResource extends IResourceClass<IStudentDataModel> {
    deactivate(params: Object): IResource<IStudentDataModel>

export default function ($resource: IResourceService, CONFIG: IConfig): IStudentResource {

    let deactivateAction: IActionDescriptor = {
        url: `${CONFIG.api_host}/students/:studentId/deactivate`,
        method: 'PUT'

    return <IStudentResource>$resource(
        studentId: '@studentId'    
        deactivate: deactivateAction,


Then I'm using this resource in another service:

export default class StudentActions {
        private StudentResource: IStudentResource,
    ) {

    deactivate(studentId: number): IPromise<any> {
        return this.StudentResource.deactivate({ studnetId: studentId}).$promise;

    remove(studentId: number): IPromise<any> {
        return this.StudentResource.remove({ studentId: studentId}).$promise; //!!!           

PROBLEM: I can't access to the this.StudentResource.remove({ studentId: studentId}).$promise because default actions have IStudentDataModel as return trype instead of IResource<IStudentDataModel> (but it returns resource with $promise property, not only data model).

I've tried to override the remove method in IStudentResource:

interface IStudentResource extends IResourceClass<IStudentDataModel> {
    deactivate(params: Object): IResource<IStudentDataModel>
    remove(params: Object): IResource<IStudentDataModel>

But compiler says:

Interface 'IStudentResource' incorrectly extends interface 'IResourceClass'. Types of property 'remove' are incompatible. Type '(data: Object) => IResource' is not assignable to type 'IResourceMethod'.


It's a bit crude but you can use a type assertion to any in order to make the type checking stop complaning.

return (<any>this.StudentResource.deactivate({ studnetId: studentId})).$promise;

Also since the typescript interfaces are open ended you can also amend the IResource interface to add the $promise property.

interface IResourceClass<T> {
    $promise: IPromise<T>

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