I have this main header element that is a page-specific navigation menu. As you can see the h1 element is a link to (the menu is fixed to the top of the page while the rest scrolls down).


<header role="menubar">
    <a href="#top">
        <h1>Main Title</h1>
    <ul role="menu">
        <li role="menuitem">
            <a href="#presentation">presentation</a>
        <li role="menuitem">
            <a href="#picture">picture</a>
        <li role="menuitem">
            <a href="#downloads">downloads</a>

on w3 validator I get as message:

Error: Bad value menubar for attribute role on element header.


referring me to the W3 recommendation page for single pages where the allowed ARIA roles for the header element are:

banner role (default - do not set) or presentation.


'default - do not set' isn't really an option as it would not be backwards compatible because of the header element

'banner' and 'presentation' are not the correct roles (see banner and presentation)

So my questions:

  • What do I have to do? Easiest would be to replace the header element by a div element. But I think it is semantically less good, is that right?

  • Is it possible that this case was not really considered by the W3C people or is it 100% wrong to do so (I mean on a semantic level focusing on accessibility).

  • Are there other options?

thank you :)

  • Hi @ChristopheStrobbe, Thank you for your fast comment. I posted a simplified version of the menu, without the states and properties, only the roles, because that was my concern. Anyway, you answered my question, by pointing the nav way. I thought that a nav element should only have links to other pages, but checking the W3C page of that element I see that it may also contain links to parts within the page. A pity though that it can not be a header, as I still think that, from a semantic point of view, header is more correct than nav. – quasi Aug 3 '16 at 13:20

What your current code shows is not a menubar but a navigation list. Instead of <header role="menubar"> you need <nav> and you should remove the role attributes from the list elements. If you are implementing a menu bar, your code is very incomplete.

For advice on using HTML5 and WAI-ARIA for menu bars, see Recommended WAI-ARIA implementation for navigation bar/menu.

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