I have looked around and can't find an answer to what I hope is quite a simple thing to achieve this question seemed similar but has no replies! So the problem is this; I have my offline map tiles on the android device here:


and I have set the OSM cache like so:

File applicationDir = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), File.separator + "application-name" + File.separator + "uuid" + File.separator);

I then set up the TileSource:

ITileSource tileSource = new XYTileSource ("tiles", 0, 18, 256, ".png", new String[]{});

and the TileProvider:

tileProvider = new MapTileProviderBasic(getActivity());

When I run my app, I get a succession of these:

Error downloading MapTile: /15/16000/9960
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n <= 0: 0
at java.util.Random.nextInt(Random.java:175)
at org.osmdroid.tileprovider.tilesource.OnlineTileSourceBase.getBaseUrl(OnlineTileSourceBase.java:33)
at org.osmdroid.tileprovider.tilesource.XYTileSource.getTileURLString(XYTileSource.java:19)
at org.osmdroid.tileprovider.modules.MapTileDownloader$TileLoader.loadTile(MapTileDownloader.java:171)
at org.osmdroid.tileprovider.modules.MapTileModuleProviderBase$TileLoader.run(MapTileModuleProviderBase.java:291)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1112)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:587)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:841)

Presumably because the local tiles aren't found and the MapTileProviderBasic ultimately falls to the MapTileDownloader and it barfs because there are no online tiles.

Any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks.

  • Have you tried writing the path yourself to see what happens? – M. Haché Aug 3 '16 at 13:40
  • I don't think the path is the problem, when I hardcoded it, it still failed. I think the problem lies with the Source or the Provider. – Nome Aug 3 '16 at 15:17
  • I'll come back to you in a couple hours if I see anything, will have to compare with my code because I feel mine wasn't much different from yours. – M. Haché Aug 3 '16 at 16:53
  • Thanks @M.Haché, have you had a look at your code? – Nome Aug 8 '16 at 8:29
  • Try setting up an sample URL on your tilesource. Instead of ITileSource tileSource = new XYTileSource ("tiles", 0, 18, 256, ".png", new String[]{}); try ITileSource tileSource = new XYTileSource ("tiles", 0, 18, 256, ".png", new String[]{"http://i.dont.care.org/"}); – M. Haché Aug 8 '16 at 20:35

So I eventually sorted this out by using the OSMDroid default location on the device


and set the tile source like so

ITileSource tileSource = new XYTileSource(uuid, 0, 17, 256, ".png", new String[0]);

osmdroid looks inside the directory uuid for a subdirectory called 'tiles', although the documentation kind of tells you this, it's not very explicit. I think you could probably use any location on the sdcard using this approach, I just decided to use the simplest solution.

  • What will happen if you don't have a sdcard in your device? – Chamila Lakmal Jul 19 '19 at 8:46

I had this issue on a device which does not have a default "uuid" folder (8" Samsung Tab 4) when trying to use a MOBAC-generated .zip file. I found a solution at the link below, but the gist is this:

  1. Unzip the MOBAC-generated .zip file, and re-zip only the directory which contains tile zoom-level subdirectories (e.g., the ones labeled "10", "11", etc.)
  2. Place the new zip in the osmdroid directory. NOT in osmdroid\tiles\.
  3. In your code, reference the specific TileSourceFactory sub-type for the source which you used to generate the atlas. This worked for me (when using the OpenStreetMap public transport layer): map.setTileSource(TileSourceFactory.PUBLIC_TRANSPORT);

This could be used in conjunction with a check to see if the device has a data connection:

// Check for data connection and use offline map if necessary
    if (Main.deviceIsOnline()) {
    } else {

Here is the link:



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