i'm trying to get certain order from youtube videos on my Android application. I want to search, for example:

Fight 1
Fight 2
Fight 3
Fight 4

This is my search list:

YouTube.Search.List search = mYouTubeDataApi.search().list("id,snippet");

            search.setQ(mTitle + " " + mSearchQuery);

            searchResponse = search.execute();

So far, i've tried adding to my Search List:


and also i tried to sort manually the items this way

    List<Video> items = videoListResponse.getItems();
    Collections.sort(items, new Comparator<Video>() {
        public int compare(Video video, Video t1) {
            return video.getSnippet().getTitle().compareToIgnoreCase(t1.getSnippet().getTitle());
    return new Pair(searchResponse.getNextPageToken(), items);

but i still don't get the results as i expect, and my sort is not good (i.e.: fight 1, fight 10, fight 11, fight 2, etc...)

Thanks in advance!


You can use Search: list using the HTTP request:

GET https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/search

with the optional parameter order added to the query.

As discussed in the documentation,

The order parameter specifies the method that will be used to order resources in the API response.

Acceptable values are:

  • date – sorted in reverse chronological order based on the date they were created.
  • rating – sorted from highest to lowest rating.
  • relevance – sorted based on their relevance to the search query. This is the default value for this parameter.
  • title – sorted alphabetically by title.
  • videoCount – Channels are sorted in descending order of their number of uploaded videos.
  • viewCount – sorted from highest to lowest number of views. For live broadcasts, videos are sorted by number of concurrent viewers while the broadcasts are ongoing.

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