Simple code snippet to get WebCam input into unity3d.

        string deviceName = devices[index].name;
        objWebCam = new WebCamTexture(deviceName);//, 400, 300, 12 //overloads
        gameObject.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>().material.mainTexture = objWebCam;

And I am frequently getting this error

Could not connect pins - RenderStream()

But (for solution) when I

  1. Restart my unity application (OR)
  2. Re-plug my WebCam (OR)
  3. Restart my PC

Then, it didn't show any error and works correctly. Why I am getting this error frequently?


The error message mentioning "RenderStream" supposedly corresponds to problem that Unity3D is unable to build a video streaming pipeline using DirectShow API. The message itself is not showing the root cause and in the order of probability (most probable first) it can be:

  • your code attempts to use one camera in 2+ places simultaneously, whereas the camera is exclusive use resource
  • WebCamTexture implementation and webcam driver have certain incompatibility which results in inability to construct new streaming sessions
  • problem in webcam driver that somehow fails to close video capture session so that next attempt to use WebCamTexture fails; restart of the application (closed hosting process) cleans the problem up
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