I scouted around to find the right solution for inserting a large amount of documents to MongoDB using Mongoose.

My current solution looks like this:

MongoClient.saveData = function(RecordModel, data, priority, SCHID, callback){
    var dataParsed = parseDataToFitSchema(data, priority, SCHID);
    console.log("Model created. Inserting in batches.");
    .then(function(mongooseDocuments) {
         console.log("Insertion was successful.");
    .catch(function(err) {
        callback("Error while inserting data to DB: "+err);
    .done(function() {

But it appears to me there are other offered solutions out there. Like this one: http://www.unknownerror.org/opensource/Automattic/mongoose/q/stackoverflow/16726330/mongoose-mongodb-batch-insert

Using collection.insert. How is that different to the Model.insertMany?

Same goes for update, my previous question: What is the right approach to update many records in MongoDB using Mongoose

Asks how do I update big chunk of data with Mongoose, defined by _id. The answer suggests to use collection.bulkWrite while I am under impression Model.insertMany can do it too.

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