I'm trying to setup a crontab to execute at set intervals. The crontab job is setup as part of my PHP-Slim application running on Apache. For some reason, it just doesn't add the job to the crontab, so when I run the command:

crontab -u daemon -l

It says 'no crontab for daemon' (daemon is the default Apache account). I did manage to get the cronjob manually added using another account (and it executes with no further issues) so it's most likely a permissions issue. What is the best way to troubleshoot this, without resorting to things like chmod 777 (it will be a production server so I need to careful with setting permissions and documenting them)?


Managed to find the answer just after posting.

I looked in the log file for cron:

cat /var/log/cron

Lots of (daemon) AUTH (crontab command not allowed) error messages. Some further googling lead me to look at /etc/cron/allow which doesn't exist, but /etc/cron.deny does, and the daemon account was listed there. Problem solved.


By default we do not allow the user daemon to run crontab jobs. If you want that user to run crontab jobs, you would need to modify /etc/cron.deny and remove the daemon user from there.

Hope it helps.

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