I am writing an App which declares some class variables in StateMachine as for example:

    Label Logo=null;        Image helpIcon=null;

and these are initialised in initVars()

    Logo = new Label(resFile.getImage("ic_action_play.png"));
    helpIcon = resFile.getImage("ic_action_help.png");

beforeMain() calls createMenu() to setup a menu dynamically.

    private void createMenu(int menuNumber, Form targetForm) {
    Toolbar tb = targetForm.getToolbar();

    if (menuNumber == MAIN_MENU && !menuInitialised) {
        tb.addComponent(BorderLayout.WEST, Logo);
        menuInitialised = true;

    tb.addCommandToRightBar("", helpIcon, (e)->getDialog(1));

This works fine. One of the menu items shows a Dialog, "Setup" and if I set a breakpoint in beforeSetup(Form f) all the class variables have been reset to null. The instance of StateMachine hasn't changed and the Ctor is not called. The only way I could retain the initialisations was to make the (class) variables that are initialised in initVars() static. Is that right or am I not doing this correctly?


initVars happens before class init code e.g.:

private int myValue = 1;

protected void initVars() {
  myValue = 2;

  // will print 2

public Statemachine() {
  // will print 1

The output of this will be:


As initVars happens before the constructor and initializing a value in the class scope is the equivalent of setting it in the constructor. The solution is not to initialize the variable and only set it in the initVars().

This is one of the old GUI builder oddities which is why we are moving towards the new GUI builder.

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