So I've got a script being used to update users on developer box SQL nodes. It works fine in SSMS, but when I run it from sql cmd, I get an "Incorrect syntax near..." error on this line:

EXEC('Drop USER "' + @name + '"')

@name is correctly replaced with the name of the user I'm trying to drop, its throwing an error on the syntax.


Figured it out. sqlcmd is either interpreting the double quotes as single quotes or ignoring them entirely. I think the former, because if I try to run either:

DROP USER 'R715998-W10\MUD-CCTMRE.appool'


DROP USER "R715998-W10\MUD-CCTMRE.appool"

I get the exact same error.

Switching out the double quotes for square brackets fixed it:

EXEC('Drop USER [' + @name + ']')

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