Whenever I use eventlet's monkey patching (necessary for Flask-SocketIO) the disk_monitor_thread() prevents other threads from firing. Eventlet and monkey patching is a must for me. Is there a way to get pyudev's MonitorObserver to place nice and release the GIL with monkey patching?

from threading import Thread
from pyudev import Context, Monitor, MonitorObserver

import eventlet

def useless_thread():
    while True:
        print 'sleep thread 1'

# Monitor UDEV for drive insertion / removal
def disk_monitor_thread():
    context = Context()
    monitor = Monitor.from_netlink(context)
    def print_device_event(action, device):
        if 'ID_FS_TYPE' in device and device.get('ID_FS_UUID') == '123-UUIDEXAMPLE':
            print('{0}, {1}'.format(device.action, device.get('ID_FS_UUID')))
    print 'Starting Disk Monitor...'
    observer = MonitorObserver(monitor, print_device_event, name='monitor-observer')
    print 'Disk Monitor Started'

t1 = Thread(name='uselessthread', target=useless_thread)

results in:

sleep thread 1
Starting Disk Monitor...

and never moves forward from there

  • Flask-SocketIO does not require monkey patching when using eventlet. It is typically the application that does. Have you tried running without monkey patching, assuming your application is fine with it? – Miguel Sep 11 '16 at 2:20
  • And also, as recommended in the eventlet docs see if moving the monkey patching statements above the other imports help. – Miguel Sep 11 '16 at 2:28

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