I've modified my zsh to always guess/autosuggest what I'm trying to type by modifying self-insert to run a guess function that interprets and modifies $BUFFER after running the default zle .self-insert.

The problem is this guess function may take a while to execute, which means pasting a line of input takes some time (as the characters come one after another with maybe up to 1 second delay between each one), and on a slow machine the lag would be quite noticeable even when I'm typing the command.

What I'd like it to do is to terminate this guess function as soon as another key is typed by the user, as the original guess based on the previous $BUFFER is no longer relevant anyway. This way the keyboard input will not be blocked by the guess function, and the guess function will update the $BUFFER only when it manages to complete before another key is entered.

Any suggestion on how to do this would be very helpful.Thank you.

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