I have a suite created in Fitnesse. All the Test pages under that suite are created using Java. When I run the suite, I am able to see the results in fitnesse. Now I want to access the data, results, suite name etc. in Java. Also I need to update HP- Quality Control (ALM) with the results. Is there an API I can use to access the fitnesse results in JAVA or to update ALM directly?


You can access the Fitnesse Test Page or Test Suite results using Fitnesse RESTful services. You can follow up here : http://fitnesse.org/FitNesse.FullReferenceGuide.UserGuide.AdministeringFitNesse.RestfulServices


I have no experience using alm, but assuming importing test results is a common use case: You can use fitnesse's junit runner to run suites. The name and results are then available as junit results. Is there a standard way to import those? I assume there is.

  • no need to do that.. I have found a the solution. you have to append &format=xml to the URL of the page or the suite and you will get the result in an XML. This is using fitnesse RESTful services.You can have more info here: fitnesse.org/… – Himanshu Gupta Aug 6 '16 at 17:49

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