Newbie to Python and gaming. Is there an LSL (lab streaming layer) wrapper for pygame? I want to create a game using EEG signals to create a brain computer interface application. Any help will be deeply appreciated. thanks! :)


There is a LSL module for Python called pylsl. You should be able to incorporate this into your game loop.

The following code was adapted from this example:

from pylsl import StreamInlet, resolve_stream
import pygame

# first resolve an EEG stream on the lab network
streams = resolve_stream('type', 'EEG')

# create a new inlet to read from the stream
inlet = StreamInlet(streams[0])

# Pygame setup
size = width, height = 320, 240

screen = pygame.display.set_mode(size)

samples = []
while True:
    # get a new sample (you can also omit the timestamp part if you're not
    # interested in it)

    # Get a sample from the inlet stream
    sample, timestamp = inlet.pull_sample()

    #TODO: interpolate streamed samples and update game objects accordingly. 
    # You'll probably need to keep a few samples to interpolate this data.

    #TODO: draw game

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