In Drupal 7

if ($_SESSION['messages']['status'][0] == t('Registration successful. You are now logged in.')) {

How can I achieve this in drupal 8? Please help


First of all, in Drupal 8, messages are stored in the same $_SESSION['messages'] variable as before. However, using it directly is not a good way, as there exist drupal_set_message and drupal_get_messages functions, which you may freely use.

Then, status messages are shown using status-messages theme. This means that you can write preprocess function for it and make your alteration there:

function mymodule_preprocess_status_messages(&$variables) {
  $status_messages = $variables['message_list']['status'];
  // Search for your message in $status_messages array and remove it.

The main difference with Drupal 7, however, is that now status messages are not always strings, they may be objects of Markup class. They are wrappers around strings and may be cast to underlying string using magic method __toString. This means that they can be compared with and as strings:

function mymodule_preprocess_status_messages(&$variables) {
   $status_messages = $variables['message_list']['status'];

   foreach($status_messages as $delta => $message) {
     if ($message instanceof \Drupal\Component\Render\MarkupInterface) {
       if ((string) $message == (string) t("Searched text")) {
  • Well, this is a good explanation but there is no need for sarcasm. No one will change Drupal core files in order to remove your message here, this site is written in C#. Question is how to remove default Drupal message which means he want to do what he asked and not what you think he should do. Suggestions can be given on more polite way. This is my suggestion for your further contributions ;)
    – Darko
    Aug 5 '16 at 21:28
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    Sorry if it hurts you somehow. I removed that sentence. Actually, changing core files or contrib modules is a real problem which I often face to when finishing projects after somebody else, and I wanted to point to it. Aug 5 '16 at 21:48
  • All ok. No need for apology. It is a bad practice to change Drupal core files and that is a great note but when you point that out really there is no need for sarcasm. Cheers and keep up with good work ;)
    – Darko
    Aug 5 '16 at 22:03

Upon reading the related change record, I have discovered \Drupal::messenger()->deleteAll(). I hope this is useful to someone. UPDATE: You should NOT do this, as it removes all subsequent messages as well. Instead, do unset(['_symfony_flashes']['status'][0]).


You can solve your problem in more than one way.

First way:

You can make minor change in core user module. Go on:


In that file you have line you can change:

drupal_set_message($this->t('Registration successful. You are now logged in.'));

NOTE: This is easiest way but in this case way you will edit Drupal core module and that is generally bad practice. In further development you could have problems like overwrite your changes when you do update.

Second way:

You can disable end user message using module. Disable message module have option you need. In module configuration you have text box where you can filter out messages shown to the end users.

enter image description here

Third way:

Messages in Drupal 8 are stored in a session variable and displayed in the page template via the $messages theme variable. When you want to modify the variables that are passed to the template before it's invoked you should use preprocess function. In your case here you can just search string in session variable and alert/remove it before it's displayed.

function yourmodule_preprocess_status_messages(&$variables) {

  $message = 'Registration successful. You are now logged in.';
  if (isset($_SESSION['messages'])) {
    foreach ($_SESSION['messages'] as $type => $messages) {
      if ($type == 'status') {
        $key = array_search($message, $messages);
        if ($key !== FALSE) {

(Note:Untested code, beware of typos)

Hope this helps!

  • Yes it's a bad practice. I will add note in answer.
    – Darko
    Aug 6 '16 at 0:29

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