I am trying to switch to Hyperterm from iTerm that I am currently using. But I had a custom background image in my terminal and I'd like to keep having this in new terminal.

I found only backgroundColor in options so far, but nothing about background image.

  • Guess you figured it out yourself huh? github.com/zeit/hyperterm/pull/585 Are you satisfied with your solution or do you need any other help with it?
    – Hedge
    Aug 7, 2016 at 12:22
  • Yes, I realised, that this is not implemented. I will be satisfied when this pull request will be merged
    – just-boris
    Aug 7, 2016 at 19:25

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After some discussion on Github, I have found a solution. Add the following options into your config file:

module.exports = {
  css: `
    .terms_terms {
      background: url(file://path-to-file) center;
      background-size: cover;

  termCSS: `
    x-screen {
      background: transparent !important;

Hope it helps for somebody else.

  • I had to also install hyper transparent hyper i hyper-transparent to get the black terminal area to become transparent. Aug 22, 2023 at 15:49

I manage to change it using

// custom css to embed in the main window
css: `
  .terms_terms {
    background: url(file://<path-to-image>) center;
    background-size: cover;
  .terms_termGroup {
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.7) !important

inside ~/hyper.js

Using x-screen didnt work for we

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