In short, my question is "how do you clone a jTable in a GUI developed in Netbeans."

In a little more detail, I have a jTabbedPane that consists of two tabs - myTab1 and myTab2. Both tabs have a jTable that will display columns from a derby database. Any time the data in the database is updated, I want both jTables to update to reflect the new information. Essentially, the two jTables will show identical data in each cell, and any time a change is made to one there will be an automated change to the other.

Obviously, I could do this long-hand. Any time a subroutine (that changes the data in the database) is executed, I could have an UpdateMyTable1() and an UpdateMyTable2() routine to make the changes. However, in my case the UpdateMyTable1() function/method/subroutine would need to be a rather lengthy one, and UpdateMyTable1() would consist of almost identical code to UpdateMyTable2(). There would be a lot of redundant code.

In Neatbeans, is there a way to instantiate (or otherwise create) two jTables in such a way that they always mirror each others contents without writing the code out long-hand?

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The solution is simple: don't think about "cloning" but instead simply have both JTables share table model. Something as simple as


could work.

If they share models, then changes in the model will be shown equally in both JTables.

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