I'm playing with Google Speech Recognition API

After a successfully Getting started I'm trying to understand and made some changes in this first example but I don't know what "gs" protocol is and how to set it to use my own audio file.


  "config": {
      "sample_rate": 16000
  "audio": {

I tried to change gs protocol to http protocol but doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.

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You can access the file that you mention as follows:


So, if you create/upload your own file in Google Storage -- like I'm doing now while testing the same API you are using-- the "equivalence" is the following:


translates to


and viceversa.

I have no idea why Google doesn't explain this clearly.

I hope this helps.


gs:// scheme is used for identifying resources stored in Google Cloud Storage.


This is what Google's API docs says:


URI that points to a file that contains audio data bytes as specified in RecognitionConfig. Currently, only Google Cloud Storage URIs are supported, which must be specified in the following format: gs://bucket_name/object_name (other URI formats return google.rpc.Code.INVALID_ARGUMENT).

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