Where exactly are 1) dialog 'text', 2) dialog 'OK' button, and 3) dialog 'Cancel' button defined or inherited from in CodenameOne?

Where can I see the code which instructs a dialog to be made of those components? Can someone direct me to the base class, method, etc. where each of those 3 items are defined?

I am referring to a Dialog meaning com.codename1.ui.Dialog.


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I suggest asking "how to do something" rather than "where something exists" as the answer to the latter might lead you to the wrong place.

E.g. in this case these things don't exist. All the static show methods in the Dialog eventually call into this uber method: https://github.com/codenameone/CodenameOne/blob/master/CodenameOne/src/com/codename1/ui/Dialog.java#L904-L940

You will notice that it constructs the components dynamically to create the dialog and doesn't provide the means to manipulate said components as the Dialog is static methods are meant to be very simple stateless tools.

  • Thanks. You gave me the answer I needed. – Dan Aug 10 '16 at 2:30

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