I'm working with the Google's Creating and Monitoring Geofences and I have done everything exactly like it (In fact I just downloaded and ran the example code from here)

I've configured everything like said the in tutorial.

After I perform this:


My onResult():

public void onResult(@NonNull Status status) {
    if (status.isSuccess()) {
        L.log(this.getClass(), "Called... success");

    } else {
        L.log(this.getClass(), "Called... FAILURE: " + status.getStatusMessage() + " code: " + status.getStatusCode());


Prints to Log that it has been successful.

Yet - When I inject coordinates to the emulator, the IntentService never seem to be triggered.

There is no exception thrown or anything, not even the constructor of the IntentService is called.

I wonder if this has something to do with the emulator or maybe the rules which I inject the coordinates are wrong ? Because I also downloaded Google's sample and couldn't get it to trigger either


If you are adding geofences properly and not generating the alert by Geofence. Make sure you added your Intent service in Manifest file. I hope this could solve your problem.

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