On my server pc I have a simple vb.net application running on windows startup. Currently I simply added it to the StartUp folder in AppData. This works fine except I have to remotely connect and login to my server pc after each restart, before the application will start up. How do i make my application start up with out me having to login first? I know it's possible since a lot of programs dont require you to login on the machine first like teamviewer and my sql server.


You can use Window's Task Scheduler for this purpose:

Basic settings

  1. Open the Task Scheduler (you may search for it in the Start Menu).
  2. In the Actions panel click Create Task....
  3. Enter a name and description (the latter is optional) for your task.
  4. Select Run whether user is logged on or not and possibly Do not store password..

Adding a trigger

  1. Go to the Triggers tab and click New....
  2. In the Begin the task box select At startup.
  3. Make sure Enable is ticked, then press OK.

Specifying an action

  1. Go to the Actions tab and click New....
  2. In the Action box select Start a program.
  3. In the Program/script box enter the path to your application.
  4. Press OK and you're done!

Read more about the Task Scheduler:

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