I want to use some of the vector data types defined in Metal (such as uint2, docs) in Objective-C for my iOS app. However, I haven't been able to find any information about whether or not this is possible.

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Those types are in <simd/SIMD.h> for C and C++ (and by extension, for Objective-C and Objective-C++).

They're actually the same types, with the same data layout, and the same associated functions, as those that you use from a Metal shader. So using them in CPU-side code where you expect to interface with Metal is a great idea. For example, you can define your own struct for vertex shader input in a C++ header file, then import that header and use the same struct definition in both your CPU code and the shader.

Note that the names differ a bit: e.g. uint2 is vector_uint2 in C, but simd::uint2 in C++.

  • Fantastic, thanks! – The Obscure Question Aug 8 '16 at 1:41
  • Just asking , can i rename my Obj-C file to *.mm, and mix C++ into objective-c and use vector data types ? is it a solution ? – MedAmine.Rihane Aug 8 '16 at 1:45
  • Yes, that's exactly what it's there for. – rickster Aug 8 '16 at 1:46
  • ohh well , thank you :) – MedAmine.Rihane Aug 8 '16 at 1:49
  • 1
    I use the simd.h vector types in my C/C++/ObjC vector code all the time. I prefer them to the vendor specific types found in xmmintrin.h / arm_neon.h, because they properly encode the full type of the element (unlike say __m128i) and can use standard operators +-*/&^|, etc. in clang. It allows you to write portable vector code for any Apple platform. – Ian Ollmann Aug 12 '16 at 0:36

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