My model have contact:string and email:string attributes. In pure html, we can write

<a href="">email us</a>


<a href="tel:123-456">123-456</a>

How do we convert these two into rails code assuming my model name is sample. My guess would be something like

<%= link_to, "#" %>

<%= link_to, "#" %>

What should be in the "#" ?

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Use mail_to "" instead of link_to.

For tel: do link_to, "tel:#{number}"

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    <%= link_to, "tel:#{}" %> – Yaro Shm Jul 9 '17 at 12:38

Use: <%= mail_to "", 'TEST' %>

more options APIdock mail_to

For tel_to, there is a GEM, see:

gem tel_to_helper

Use mail_to.

<%= mail_to, "Email us" %>

For telephone numbers, you might have to write your own helper or just concatenate the "tel:" into the url.

A simple tel_to helper for tel: links:

def tel_to(phone_number)
  phone_number = number_to_phone(phone_number)
  link_to phone_number, "tel:#{phone_number}"

# => <a href="tel:842-417-6704">842-417-6704</a>

And the existing mail_to for mailto:

mail_to("Dorian", "")
# => "<a href=\"mailto:Dorian\"></a>"

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