I'm a Java developer, absolutely new in BMC Remedy system, but a I have just one fast task to solve.

Our Remedy use Java Applet to upload files from Remedy browser UI to FTP server. I should replace it with Javascript (upload files via http to the server side, which then upload it to FTP server).

In general web application, I can add a servlet, which would receive Multipart file, connect to FTP, upload it and respond with params. Piece of cake. But is it a right way to solve this problem in Remedy? I've read documentation and it all about some sort of plugins for Remedy Mid-Tier and there is nothing about simple servlets.

What is the right way to solve my task? Any source samples would be really helpful.

Thank you.


if you are doing it via the API, you could just get the record ID, and field ID and do this:

//First, we retrieve the form
int[] fieldIds = {1};
String formName = "My:Form:Name";
//Request ID. Field ID = 1. Always 14 chars long.
String requestID = "00000000000001";
Entry entry = arsConnection.getEntry(formName, requestID, fieldIds);

//add the attachment
AttachmentValue attachment = new AttachmentValue("name_of_file.ext", "path/to/file.ext");
entry.put(550000011, new Value(attachment));
arsConnection.setEntry(formName, newEntry,null,0);

to do this, you need the request id. this code is using the java API.

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