I'd like to hook mouse and keyboard in my UWP app, and I'm wondering what is best between Raw input, Global Hook and simple XAML Key events.

Put it simple, I'm developing a UWP application which streams a game (rendered using a cloud server, like nVidia Grid) and I'd like to hook user events (keyboard and mouse) to tell my server the user is moving in a game (for example).

I thought to several approaches:

  • Creating a Windows Runtime Component in C++/CX which is consumed by my Universal app in C#. The component would use either Raw Input or Global hook to raise a mouse or keyboard event and send it back to my UWP app.
  • Simply use the Key events, like KeyDown and PointerMoved events on a Grid or another UI element and listen to it.

The output will be sent to my server using a socket connection.

What would be the best solution for performance and simplicity?

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    You cannot use raw input nor window hooks in UWP. That makes the choice very simple. – Hans Passant Aug 8 '16 at 15:59
  • @HansPassant Effectively! Thanks – Ben Aug 8 '16 at 19:15

Have you tried top hook into the CoreWindow like this?

Window.Current.CoreWindow.KeyDown += CoreWindow_KeyDown;
Window.Current.CoreWindow.PointerMoved += CoreWindow_PointerMoved;

It seems only Key Events are allowed to hook input in UWP.

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