I have this field in my domain object

private SectionType sectionType;

but when I check the value stored in Solr it is something like:


What I want is just H_HPI or it is as if I'm calling specialty.name() method Also I want a serializer that does that for all the enum fields in my domain objects.

I know that for neo4j, for instance, has such a serializer and can be supplied to the field as an annotation. Also mongodb does the conversion automatically.

  • I faced the same problem and decided to dig into the code. SolrJ (the Apache Solr client) seems to convert the enum value to its fully qualified value. Since I could not figure out a simple solution with Spring Data Solr, I changed the stored field type to String, setting its value to Enum.name(). – manish Apr 12 '17 at 13:11
  • The Spring Data team has provided a fix for this issue that should resolve the problem. – manish Apr 20 '17 at 5:48

I had same problem and found this from Spring Data Solr codes

else if (fieldValue instanceof Enum) {
            field.setValue(this.getConversionService().convert(fieldValue, String.class), 1f);

it sets the String value


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