I have a mixed Ubuntu, OS X and Windows git repository containing .bat and .cmd files targeted for use on Windows 7 and greater. core.autocrlf is set to input, and so post-git checkout these files have LF line endings in my working directory instead of the CRLF line-endings I started out with.

Will this cause problems with windows batch execution? In what cases might this difference be significant? I have yet to see any issue but wish to code defensively.

  • Why are you using core.autocrlf=input? Do you have a .gitattributes? Aug 8, 2016 at 19:11

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You can override this for batch files using the following .gitattributes file:

*.bat text eol=crlf

From Is it safe to write batch files with Unix line endings? There is a comment about labels not working correctly with LF. The fix is easy enough.

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