I'm struggling with how to properly map output parameters back to an object using Dapper, when I create DynamicParamters from a template object.

var parameters = new DynamicParameters(entity);
parameters.Add("@Id", dbType: DbType.Int32, direction: ParameterDirection.Output);
parameters.Output(entity, x => x.Id);             

await conn.ExecuteAsync(
   "TodoItemInsert", entity, 
    commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);  

My hope was that the above code would map the resulting ID back into the entity that I created the parameters from in the first place. No matter what I try I am unable to get the parameter to return from the stored procedure. Calling parameters.Get<int>("@Id") throws a KeyNotFoundException. parameters.Get<int?>("@Id") returns null.

My SQL is a very basic insert sproc

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[TodoItemInsert]
    @Name VARCHAR(255)
    , @Description VARCHAR(512)
    , @DueDate DATETIME = NULL
    , @IsComplete BIT = 0
    , @Id INT OUTPUT 

    , Description
    , DueDate
    , IsComplete
    , @Description
    , @DueDate
    , @IsComplete


What is the correct way to get an output parameter back from Dapper when trying to use an object template for my DynamicParameters?


Figured this out, didn't properly update my code when I moved from template to parameters. I was passing entity into my query, not parameters. Once I replaced that I could even get rid of the explicit addition of the Id output parameter. This is much nicer!

var parameters = new DynamicParameters(entity);
parameters.Output(entity, x => x.Id);             

await conn.ExecuteAsync(
   "TodoItemInsert", parameters, 
    commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);  
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