I am re-doing our nagios infrastructure with puppet but I am currently stopped at a seemingly simple problem (most likely a config issue).

Using puppet, I spit out some basic nagios config files on disk. Nagios reloads fine and everything looks okay in the UI but, when I mark a host down, it does not send a notification.

nagios.log shows:

[1470699491] EXTERNAL COMMAND: PROCESS_HOST_CHECK_RESULT;divcont01;1;test notification

[1470699491] PASSIVE HOST CHECK: divcont01;1;test notification

[1470699491] HOST ALERT: divcont01;DOWN;HARD;1;test notification

In production (where I have changed nothing), I see in nagios.log (after marking a host down in ui):


[1470678187] PASSIVE HOST CHECK: PALTL12;1;test ey

[1470678187] HOST ALERT: PALTL12;DOWN;HARD;1;test ey

[1470678187] HOST NOTIFICATION: pal_infra;PALTL12;DOWN;host-notify-by-pom;test ey

[1470678187] HOST NOTIFICATION: pal_infra;PALTL12;DOWN;host-notify-by-email;test ey

[1470678192] HOST ALERT: PALTL12;UP;HARD;1;PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.81 ms

[1470678192] HOST NOTIFICATION: pal_infra;PALTL12;UP;host-notify-by-pom;PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.81 ms

[1470678192] HOST NOTIFICATION: pal_infra;PALTL12;UP;host-notify-by-email;PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.81 ms

As seen in the logs, there is a HOST NOTIFICATION logged and sent directly after the HOST ALERT in prod. I have been exhaustively comparing config files today and I cannot find a reason why the new config stops short of the notification.

I have verified that notifications are enabled at the top level. I have verified that email can be sent from this box (though, I am using the logs to verify functionality, not email). I have also tried multiple other google suggestions (and will continue my search too).

Relevant config details below. Please pardon the verbosity of my configuration and lackluster stack-overflow formatting. Thank you in advance.


define host {

  address              snip   
  host_name  divcont01                    
  use          generic-host-puppetized  



define host {

    check_command                  check-host-alive
    check_interval                 1
    contact_groups                 generic-contactgroup
    checks_enabled                 1
    event_handler_enabled          0
    flap_detection_enabled         0
    name                           generic-host-puppetized
    hostgroups                     +generic-host-puppetized
    max_check_attempts             4
    notification_interval          4
    notification_options           d,u,r
    notification_period            24x7
    notifications_enabled          1
    process_perf_data              0
    register                       0
    retain_nonstatus_information   1
    retain_status_information      1 



define hostgroup {

    hostgroup_name                 generic-host-puppetized 



define contactgroup {

    contactgroup_name              generic-contactgroup
    members                        generic-puppetized-contact



define contact {

    use                            generic-contact
    contact_name                   generic-puppetized-contact
    email                          <my email>


objects/templates.cfg (generic-contact config only)

define contact{

    use                             my email  
    name                            generic-contact         ; The name of this contact template
    service_notification_period     24x7                    ; service notifications can be sent anytime
    host_notification_period        24x7                    ; host notifications can be sent anytime
    host_notification_commands     generic-puppetized-contact-host-notify-by-email-low
    service_notification_commands  notify-by-email,service-notify-by-pom
    service_notification_options    u,c,r,f         ; send notifications for all service states, flapping events, and scheduled downtime events
    host_notification_options       d,r,f           ; send notifications for all host states, flapping events, and scheduled downtime events

    register                        0                       ; DONT REGISTER THIS DEFINITION - ITS NOT A REAL CONTACT, JUST A TEMPLATE!



define command {

    command_line                   /etc/nagios/global/scripts/nagios-mailx.sh -t my email -s "** notification Host Alert: hostname is hoststate **" -m "***** Nagios ***** Notification Type: notification type Host: host State: hoststate Address: address Info: output Date/Time: date"
    command_name                   generic-puppetized-contact-host-notify-by-email-low 



Figured it out...I was building my system within another pre-existing system (dangerous, I know) and my contacts were actually pointing to a generic-contact that had its notifications disabled.

Whoops :)

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