(its a long story) but I have a large complex project file containing a windows program. Unfortunately the project was originally built as a console app. The program compiles and links ok but when runs brings up a console instead of the collection of windows I was hoping for. I looked at the command line and saw "/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE" whereas it should be "/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS". I have no idea how to change the command line. Is there some box I can tick in the project setting somewhere to make this change?


Right-click the project icon in the Solution Explorer, then Properties > Linker > System > SubSystem, and set that to Windows. You'll also have to change your main() method to WinMain(). And you'd better create some windows or there won't be much to look at.


Complementing Hans' answer: While under Properties, also remember to expand the C/C++ node and select Preprocessor. Then edit the Preprocessor Definitions - replace _CONSOLE with _WINDOWS.

  • _WINDOWS undefined if the Windows subsystem set in linker Nov 15 '16 at 13:48

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