<a ui-sref="user.tools.selectedTemplate({provider: t.id})" target="_blank">{{t.name}}</a>

Above code is in ng-repeat with many template links loaded with name and id so when i click each link , href will be updated with id number appended to selected template link. I am generating about ten templates with same controller. I am passing value in ui-sref from one state to another so i need dynamic templateUrl, i tried this link issue but i cant able to send stateparams since the main template page has no params.

Here the ui router code in app.js

    url: '/template',
    templateUrl: './views/tools/select-template.html',
    controller: 'selectTplCtrl',
    controllerUrl: 'tools/selecttplCtrl'

    url: '/selectedTemplate/:provider',
    templateUrl: function($stateParams){
        return './views/tools/selected-template'+'$stateParams.provider'+'.html'
    controller: 'selectedTemplateCtrl',
    controllerUrl: 'tools/selectedTemplateCtrl'

Can anyone solve this issue ?


I would say that you are on the right track.. just URL construction should be adjusted like this:

templateUrl: function($stateParams){
    //return './views/tools/selected-template'+'$stateParams.provider'+'.html'
    return './views/tools/selected-template'+ $stateParams.provider +'.html'

See more here, what we can have with UI-Router when working with dynamic template link:

  • ah! Thanks @Radim Kohler for answering me. and for extra dynamic solutions :) – Arun Aug 9 '16 at 5:36
  • Great if that helped anyhow ;) Enjoy UI-Router, sir – Radim Köhler Aug 9 '16 at 5:37

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