Is there any resource available on the internet where I could find a whole list of emoji symbols/unicodes in XML format, so that I could implement them as a part in my project:

Emoji Symbol Examples:

<key name="soccer_ball">⚽</key>
<key name="basket_ball">🏀</key>


Emoji Unicode Examples:

<key name="soccer_ball">0x26bd</key>
<key name="basket_ball">0x1f3c0</key>

Similar to these, all Emojis present in the Facebook app, I would like to implement something like that in my project, if not in XML format, then probably be in converted JSON or CSV format.

I've googled a lot, but haven't found any relevant source yet. Any help will be highly appreciated.



The official list of Unicode emojis can be found at http://unicode.org/Public/emoji/latest/ in text format. At the time of writing, the latest version is 3.0. There's also draft data for version 4.0 at http://unicode.org/Public/emoji/4.0/. Also see Unicode Technical Report #51: Unicode Emoji.

It should be easy to convert the text file into CSV, XML, or JSON.

  • The question was whether someone was already providing that XML, CSV or JSON file. – Crissov May 9 '17 at 17:46

i am afraid you need to do it by yourself

for flag emojis, you can copy the xml list from here and then transform the following list of countries into emojis by pasting symbols from here


hope you find this useful!!!

  • Thanks for your response, but I still expect this to be present on the Web. – Haris Lodhi Aug 17 '16 at 5:42
const emojis={  "2049": ["interrobang"],
                "2122": ["tm"],
                "2139": ["information source"],
                "2194": ["left right arrow"],
                "2195": ["arrow up down"],
                "2196": ["arrow upper left"],
                "2197": ["arrow upper right"],
                "2198": ["arrow lower right"],
                "2199": ["arrow lower left"],
                "2328": ["keyboard"],
                "2600": ["sunny"],
                "2601": ["cloud"],
                "2602": ["umbrella"],
                "2603": ["showman"],
                "2604": ["comet"],
                "2611": ["ballot box with check"],
                "2614": ["umbrella"],
                "2615": ["coffee"],
                "2618": ["shamrock"],
                "2620": ["skull and crossbones"],
                "2622": ["radioactive sign"],
                "2623": ["biohazard sign"],
                "2626": ["orthodox cross"],
                "2638": ["wheel of dharma"],
                "2639": ["white frowning face"],
                "2648": ["aries"],
                "2649": ["taurus"],
                "2650": ["sagittarius"],
                "2651": ["capricorn"],
                "2652": ["aquarius"],
                "2653": ["pisces"],
                "2660": ["spades"],
                "2663": ["clubs"],
                "2665": ["hearts"],
                "2666": ["diamonds"],
                "2668": ["hotsprings"],
                "2692": ["hammer and pick"],
                "2693": ["anchor"],
                "2694": ["crossed swords"],
                "2696": ["scales"],
                "2697": ["alembic"],
                "2699": ["gear"],
                "2702": ["scissors"],
                "2705": ["white check mark"],
                "2708": ["airplane"],
                "2709": ["email","envelope"],
                "2712": ["black nib"],
                "2714": ["heavy check mark"],
                "2716": ["heavy multiplication x"],
                "2721": ["star of david"],
                "2728": ["sparkles"],
                "2733": ["eight spoked asterisk"],
                "2734": ["eight pointed black star"],
                "2744": ["snowflake"],
                "2747": ["sparkle"],
                "2753": ["question"],
                "2754": ["grey question"],
                "2755": ["grey exclamation"],
                "2757": ["exclamation","heavy exclamation mark"],
                "2763": ["heavy heart exclamation mark ornament"],
                "2764": ["heart"],
                "2795": ["heavy plus sign"],
                "2796": ["heavy minus sign"],
                "2797": ["heavy division sign"],
                "2934": ["arrow heading up"],
                "2935": ["arrow heading down"],
                "3030": ["wavy dash"],
                "3297": ["congratulations"],
                "3299": ["secret"],
                "00a9": ["copyright"],
                "00ae": ["registered"],
                "203c": ["bangbang"],
                "21a9": ["leftwards arrow with hook"],
                "21aa": ["arrow right hook"],
                "231a": ["watch"],
                "231b": ["hourglass"],
                "23e9": ["fast forward"],
                "23ea": ["rewind"],
                "23eb": ["arrow double up"],
                "23ec": ["arrow double down"],
                "23ed": ["black right pointing double triangle with vertical bar"],
                "23ee": ["black left pointing double triangle with vertical bar"],
                "23ef": ["black right pointing triangle with double vertical bar"],
                "23f0": ["alarm clock"],
                "23f1": ["stopwatch"],
                "23f2": ["timer clock"],
                "23f3": ["hourglass flowing sand"],
                "23f8": ["double vertical bar"],
                "23f9": ["black square for stop"],
                "23fa": ["black circle for record"],
                "24c2": ["m"],
                "25aa": ["black small square"],
                "25ab": ["white small square"],
                "25b6": ["arrow forward"],
                "25c0": ["arrow backward"],
                "25fb": ["white medium square"],
                "25fc": ["black medium square"],
                "25fd": ["white medium small square"],
                "25fe": ["black medium small square"],
                "260e": ["phone","telephone"],
                "261d": ["point up"],
                "262a": ["star and crescent"],
                "262e": ["peace symbol"],
                "262f": ["yin yang"],
                "263a": ["relaxed"],
                "264a": ["gemini"],
                "264b": ["cancer"],
                "264c": ["leo"],
                "264d": ["virgo"],
                "264e": ["libra"],
                "264f": ["scorpius"],
                "267b": ["recycle"],
                "267f": ["wheelchair"],
                "269b": ["atom symbol"],
                "269c": ["fleur de lis"],
                "26a0": ["warning"],
                "26a1": ["zap"],
                "26aa": ["white circle"],
                "26ab": ["black circle"],
                "26b0": ["coffin"],
                "26b1": ["funeral urn"],
                "26bd": ["soccer"],
                "26be": ["baseball"],
                "26c4": ["snowman"],
                "26c5": ["partly sunny"],
                "26c8": ["thunder cloud and rain"],
                "26ce": ["ophiuchus"],
                "26cf": ["pick"],
                "26d1": ["helmet with white cross"],
                "26d3": ["chains"],
                "26d4": ["no entry"],
                "26e9": ["shinto shrine"],
                "26ea": ["church"],
                "26f0": ["mountain"],
                "26f1": ["umbrella on ground"],
                "26f2": ["fountain"],
                "26f3": ["golf"],
                "26f4": ["ferry"],
                "26f5": ["boat","sailboat"],
                "26f7": ["skier"],
                "26f8": ["ice skate"],
                "26f9": ["person with ball"],
                "26fa": ["tent"],
                "26fd": ["fuelpump"],
                "270a": ["fist"],
                "270b": ["hand","raised hand"],
                "270c": ["v"],
                "270d": ["writing hand"],
                "270f": ["pencil2"],
                "271d": ["latin cross"],
                "274c": ["x"],
                "274e": ["negative squared cross mark"],
                "27a1": ["arrow right"],
                "27b0": ["curly loop"],
                "27bf": ["loop"],
                "2b05": ["arrow left"],
                "2b06": ["arrow up"],
                "2b07": ["arrow down"],
                "2b1b": ["black large square"],
                "2b1c": ["white large square"],
                "2b50": ["star"],
                "2b55": ["o"],
                "303d": ["part alternation mark"],
                "1f004": ["mahjong"],
                "1f0cf": ["black joker"],
                "1f170": ["a"],
                "1f171": ["b"],
                "1f17e": ["o2"],
                "1f17f": ["parking"],
                "1f18e": ["ab"],
                "1f191": ["cl"],
                "1f192": ["cool"],
                "1f193": ["free"],
                "1f194": ["id"],
                "1f195": ["new"],
                "1f196": ["ng"],
                "1f197": ["ok"],
                "1f198": ["sos"],
                "1f199": ["up"],
                "1f19a": ["vs"],
                "1f201": ["koko"],
                "1f202": ["sa"],
                "1f21a": ["chinese character"],
                "1f22f": ["chinese character"],
                "1f232": ["chinese character"],
                "1f233": ["chinese character"],
                "1f234": ["chinese character"],
                "1f235": ["chinese character"],
                "1f236": ["chinese character"],
                "1f237": ["chinese character"],
                "1f238": ["chinese character"],
                "1f239": ["chinese character"],
                "1f23a": ["chinese character"],
                "1f250": ["ideograph advantage"],
                "1f251": ["accept"],
                "1f300": ["cyclone"],
                "1f301": ["foggy"],
                "1f302": ["closed umbrella"],
                "1f303": ["night with stars"],
                "1f304": ["sunrise over mountains"],
                "1f305": ["sunrise"],
                "1f306": ["city sunset"],
                "1f307": ["city sunrise"],
                "1f308": ["rainbow"],
                "1f309": ["bridge at night"],
                "1f30a": ["ocean"],
                "1f30b": ["volcano"],
                "1f30c": ["milky way"],
                "1f30d": ["earth africa"],
                "1f30e": ["earth americas"],
                "1f30f": ["earth asia"],
                "1f310": ["globe with meridians"],
                "1f311": ["new moon"],
                "1f312": ["waxing crescent moon"],
                "1f313": ["first quarter moon"],
                "1f314": ["moon","waxing gibbous moon"],
                "1f315": ["full moon"],
                "1f316": ["waning gibbous moon"],
                "1f317": ["last quarter moon"],
                "1f318": ["waning crescent moon"],
                "1f319": ["crescent moon"],
                "1f31a": ["new moon with face"],
                "1f31b": ["first quarter moon with face"],
                "1f31c": ["last quarter moon with face"],
                "1f31d": ["full moon with face"],
                "1f31e": ["sun with face"],
                "1f31f": ["star2"],
                "1f320": ["stars"],
                "1f321": ["thermometer"],
                "1f324": ["mostly sunny","sun small cloud"],
                "1f325": ["barely sunny","sun behind cloud"],
                "1f326": ["partly sunny rain","sun behind rain cloud"],
                "1f327": ["rain cloud"],
                "1f328": ["snow cloud"],
                "1f329": ["lightning","lightning cloud"],
                "1f32a": ["tornado","tornado cloud"],
                "1f32b": ["fog"],
                "1f32c": ["wind blowing face"],
                "1f32d": ["hotdog"],
                "1f32e": ["taco"],
                "1f32f": ["burrito"],
                "1f330": ["chestnut"],
                "1f331": ["seedling"],
                "1f332": ["evergreen tree"],
                "1f333": ["deciduous tree"],
                "1f334": ["palm tree"],
                "1f335": ["cactus"],
                "1f336": ["hot pepper"],
                "1f337": ["tulip"],
                "1f338": ["cherry blossom"],
                "1f339": ["rose"],
                "1f33a": ["hibiscus"],
                "1f33b": ["sunflower"],
                "1f33c": ["blossom"],
                "1f33d": ["corn"],
                "1f33e": ["ear of rice"],
                "1f33f": ["herb"],
                "1f340": ["four leaf clover"],
                "1f341": ["maple leaf"],
                "1f342": ["fallen leaf"],
                "1f343": ["leaves"],
                "1f344": ["mushroom"],
                "1f345": ["tomato"],
                "1f346": ["eggplant"],
                "1f347": ["grapes"],
                "1f348": ["melon"],
                "1f349": ["watermelon"],
                "1f34a": ["tangerine"],
                "1f34b": ["lemon"],
                "1f34c": ["banana"],
                "1f34d": ["pineapple"],
                "1f34e": ["apple"],
                "1f34f": ["green apple"],
                "1f350": ["pear"],
                "1f351": ["peach"],
                "1f352": ["cherries"],
                "1f353": ["strawberry"],
                "1f354": ["hamburger"],
                "1f355": ["pizza"],
                "1f356": ["meat on bone"],
                "1f357": ["poultry leg"],
                "1f358": ["rice cracker"],
                "1f359": ["rice ball"],
                "1f35a": ["rice"],
                "1f35b": ["curry"],
                "1f35c": ["ramen"],
                "1f35d": ["spaghetti"],
                "1f35e": ["bread"],
                "1f35f": ["fries"],
                "1f360": ["sweet potato"],
                "1f361": ["dango"],
                "1f362": ["oden"],
                "1f363": ["sushi"],
                "1f364": ["fried shrimp"],
                "1f365": ["fish cake"],
                "1f366": ["icecream"],
                "1f367": ["shaved ice"],
                "1f368": ["ice cream"],
                "1f369": ["doughnut"],
                "1f36a": ["cookie"],
                "1f36b": ["chocolate bar"],
                "1f36c": ["candy"],
                "1f36d": ["lollipop"],
                "1f36e": ["custard"],
                "1f36f": ["honey pot"],
                "1f370": ["cake"],
                "1f371": ["bento"],
                "1f372": ["stew"],
                "1f373": ["egg"],
                "1f374": ["fork and knife"],
                "1f375": ["tea"],
                "1f376": ["sake"],
                "1f377": ["wine glass"],
                "1f378": ["cocktail"],
                "1f379": ["tropical drink"],
                "1f37a": ["beer"],
                "1f37b": ["beers"],
                "1f37c": ["baby bottle"],
                "1f37d": ["knife fork plate"],
                "1f37e": ["champagne"],
                "1f37f": ["popcorn"],
                "1f380": ["ribbon"],
                "1f381": ["gift"],
                "1f382": ["birthday"],
                "1f383": ["jack o lantern"],
                "1f384": ["christmas tree"],
                "1f385": ["santa"],
                "1f386": ["fireworks"],
                "1f387": ["sparkler"],
                "1f388": ["balloon"],
                "1f389": ["tada"],
                "1f38a": ["confetti ball"],
                "1f38b": ["tanabata tree"],
                "1f38c": ["crossed flags"],
                "1f38d": ["bamboo"],
                "1f38e": ["dolls"],
                "1f38f": ["flags"],
                "1f390": ["wind chime"],
                "1f391": ["rice scene"],
                "1f392": ["school satchel"],
                "1f393": ["mortar board"],
                "1f396": ["medal"],
                "1f397": ["reminder ribbon"],
                "1f399": ["studio microphone"],
                "1f39a": ["level slider"],
                "1f39b": ["control knobs"],
                "1f39e": ["film frames"],
                "1f39f": ["admission tickets"],
                "1f3a0": ["carousel horse"],
                "1f3a1": ["ferris wheel"],
                "1f3a2": ["roller coaster"],
                "1f3a3": ["fishing pole and fish"],
                "1f3a4": ["microphone"],
                "1f3a5": ["movie camera"],
                "1f3a6": ["cinema"],
                "1f3a7": ["headphones"],
                "1f3a8": ["art"],
                "1f3a9": ["tophat"],
                "1f3aa": ["circus tent"],
                "1f3ab": ["ticket"],
                "1f3ac": ["clapper"],
                "1f3ad": ["performing arts"],
                "1f3ae": ["video game"],
                "1f3af": ["dart"],
                "1f3b0": ["slot machine"],
                "1f3b1": ["8ball"],
                "1f3b2": ["game die"],
                "1f3b3": ["bowling"],
                "1f3b4": ["flower playing cards"],
                "1f3b5": ["musical note"],
                "1f3b6": ["notes"],
                "1f3b7": ["saxophone"],
                "1f3b8": ["guitar"],
                "1f3b9": ["musical keyboard"],
                "1f3ba": ["trumpet"],
                "1f3bb": ["violin"],
                "1f3bc": ["musical score"],
                "1f3bd": ["running shirt with sash"],
                "1f3be": ["tennis"],
                "1f3bf": ["ski"],
                "1f3c0": ["basketball"],
                "1f3c1": ["checkered flag"],
                "1f3c2": ["snowboarder"],
                "1f3c3": ["runner","running"],
                "1f3c4": ["surfer"],
                "1f3c5": ["sports medal"],
                "1f3c6": ["trophy"],
                "1f3c7": ["horse racing"],
                "1f3c8": ["football"],
                "1f3c9": ["rugby football"],
                "1f3ca": ["swimmer"],
                "1f3cb": ["weight lifter"],
                "1f3cc": ["golfer"],
                "1f3cd": ["racing motorcycle"],
                "1f3ce": ["racing car"],
                "1f3cf": ["cricket bat and ball"],
                "1f3d0": ["volleyball"],
                "1f3d1": ["field hockey stick and ball"],
                "1f3d2": ["ice hockey stick and puck"],
                "1f3d3": ["table tennis paddle and ball"],
                "1f3d4": ["snow capped mountain"],
                "1f3d5": ["camping"],
                "1f3d6": ["beach with umbrella"],
                "1f3d7": ["building construction"],
                "1f3d8": ["house buildings"],
                "1f3d9": ["cityscape"],
                "1f3da": ["derelict house building"],
                "1f3db": ["classical building"],
                "1f3dc": ["desert"],
                "1f3dd": ["desert island"],
                "1f3de": ["national park"],
                "1f3df": ["stadium"],
                "1f3e0": ["house"],
                "1f3e1": ["house with garden"],
                "1f3e2": ["office"],
                "1f3e3": ["post office"],
                "1f3e4": ["european post office"],
                "1f3e5": ["hospital"],
                "1f3e6": ["bank"],
                "1f3e7": ["atm"],
                "1f3e8": ["hotel"],
                "1f3e9": ["love hotel"],
                "1f3ea": ["convenience store"],
                "1f3eb": ["school"],
                "1f3ec": ["department store"],
                "1f3ed": ["factory"],
                "1f3ee": ["izakaya lantern","lantern"],
                "1f3ef": ["japanese castle"],
                "1f3f0": ["european castle"],
                "1f3f3": ["waving white flag"],
                "1f3f4": ["waving black flag"],
                "1f3f5": ["rosette"],
                "1f3f7": ["label"],
                "1f3f8": ["badminton racquet and shuttlecock"],
                "1f3f9": ["bow and arrow"],
                "1f3fa": ["amphora"],
                "1f3fb": ["skin-tone-2"],
                "1f3fc": ["skin-tone-3"],
                "1f3fd": ["skin-tone-4"],
                "1f3fe": ["skin-tone-5"],
                "1f3ff": ["skin-tone-6"],
                "1f400": ["rat"],
                "1f401": ["mouse2"],
                "1f402": ["ox"],
                "1f403": ["water buffalo"],
                "1f404": ["cow2"],
                "1f405": ["tiger2"],
                "1f406": ["leopard"],
                "1f407": ["rabbit2"],
                "1f408": ["cat2"],
                "1f409": ["dragon"],
                "1f40a": ["crocodile"],
                "1f40b": ["whale2"],
                "1f40c": ["snail"],
                "1f40d": ["snake"],
                "1f40e": ["racehorse"],
                "1f40f": ["ram"],
                "1f410": ["goat"],
                "1f411": ["sheep"],
                "1f412": ["monkey"],
                "1f413": ["rooster"],
                "1f414": ["chicken"],
                "1f415": ["dog2"],
                "1f416": ["pig2"],
                "1f417": ["boar"],
                "1f418": ["elephant"],
                "1f419": ["octopus"],
                "1f41a": ["shell"],
                "1f41b": ["bug"],
                "1f41c": ["ant"],
                "1f41d": ["bee","honeybee"],
                "1f41e": ["beetle"],
                "1f41f": ["fish"],
                "1f420": ["tropical fish"],
                "1f421": ["blowfish"],
                "1f422": ["turtle"],
                "1f423": ["hatching chick"],
                "1f424": ["baby chick"],
                "1f425": ["hatched chick"],
                "1f426": ["bird"],
                "1f427": ["penguin"],
                "1f428": ["koala"],
                "1f429": ["poodle"],
                "1f42a": ["dromedary camel"],
                "1f42b": ["camel"],
                "1f42c": ["dolphin","flipper"],
                "1f42d": ["mouse"],
                "1f42e": ["cow"],
                "1f42f": ["tiger"],
                "1f430": ["rabbit"],
                "1f431": ["cat"],
                "1f432": ["dragon face"],
                "1f433": ["whale"],
                "1f434": ["horse"],
                "1f435": ["monkey face"],
                "1f436": ["dog"],
                "1f437": ["pig"],
                "1f438": ["frog"],
                "1f439": ["hamster"],
                "1f43a": ["wolf"],
                "1f43b": ["bear"],
                "1f43c": ["panda face"],
                "1f43d": ["pig nose"],
                "1f43e": ["feet","paw prints"],
                "1f43f": ["chipmunk"],
                "1f440": ["eyes"],
                "1f441": ["eye"],
                "1f442": ["ear"],
                "1f443": ["nose"],
                "1f444": ["lips"],
                "1f445": ["tongue"],
                "1f446": ["point up 2"],
                "1f447": ["point down"],
                "1f448": ["point left"],
                "1f449": ["point right"],
                "1f44a": ["facepunch","punch"],
                "1f44b": ["wave"],
                "1f44c": ["ok hand"],
                "1f44d": ["+1","thumbsup"],
                "1f44e": ["-1","thumbsdown"],
                "1f44f": ["clap"],
                "1f450": ["open hands"],
                "1f451": ["crown"],
                "1f452": ["womans hat"],
                "1f453": ["eyeglasses"],
                "1f454": ["necktie"],
                "1f455": ["shirt","tshirt"],
                "1f456": ["jeans"],
                "1f457": ["dress"],
                "1f458": ["kimono"],
                "1f459": ["bikini"]

I have been looking for the same thing and I have just found this NPM package - Enjoy! 😉

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