I would like to have an URL such as


I get 1234 by using routeParams. I know I could use $location.search().labels to get label1, label2, label3. However, I would like to retrieve an array, [label1, label2, label3]. There could be more labels than 3 passed in.

app.config(function (toastrConfig, $routeProvider, $locationProvider) {
    angular.extend(toastrConfig, {
        allowHtml: true,
        timeOut: 3000,
        positionClass: 'toast-top-right',
        preventDuplicates: true,
        progressBar: true

    .when('/:type/:id', {
        templateUrl: 'app/main/main.html'


Any help would be very much appreciated!


I just decided to you $location.search().labels.split(',') and it works!

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