I have a blog app on Yii2 with a really old DB

I replaced the text column post.author with a relation post.author_id.

For support reasons, the old column is active.

Now when I try to use $post->author->name i get the string column first, instead of the relation ...
Using the getter works fine $post->getAuthor()->name , but this will be hard to maintain.

Is there some standard solution for this, to ignore the post.author property, and to favor the Author relation instead ?


You could rename the relation. If you rename the method getAuthor to getPostauthor the relation property will become postauthor (automatically) and you can fetch it via $post->postauthor->name

  1. $post->getAuthor() returns ActiveQuery and you can't do $post->getAuthor()->name.
  2. You may add getter to your model:

    public function getAuthorName() { $author = $post->getAuthor()->one(); return $author ? $author->name : null ; }

  3. Or, rename the relation.

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