I turned off all animations on developer options. But I still get this exception when trying to click on one of the buttons.

My app is indeed active and not idle entirely, but I can't change it.

android.support.test.espresso.AppNotIdleException: Looped for 6930
iterations over 60 SECONDS. The following Idle Conditions failed .
 at dalvik.system.VMStack.getThreadStackTrace(Native Method)
 at java.lang.Thread.getStackTrace(Thread.java:580)
 at android.support.test.espresso.base.DefaultFailureHandler.getUserFriendlyError(DefaultFailureHandler.java:92)
 at android.support.test.espresso.base.DefaultFailureHandler.handle(DefaultFailureHandler.java:56)
 at android.support.test.espresso.ViewInteraction.runSynchronouslyOnUiThread(ViewInteraction.java:184)
 at android.support.test.espresso.ViewInteraction.doPerform(ViewInteraction.java:115)
 at android.support.test.espresso.ViewInteraction.perform(ViewInteraction.java:87)

I have been struggling with this problem for the last few days.
Here is a method that I used to identify "violators":

private void dumpThreads() {
    int activeCount = Thread.activeCount();
    Thread[] threads = new Thread[activeCount];
    for (Thread thread : threads) {
        System.err.println(thread.getName() + ": " + thread.getState());
        for (StackTraceElement stackTraceElement : thread.getStackTrace()) {
            System.err.println("\t" + stackTraceElement);

In my case, Facebook SDK was using the AsyncTask thread pool.

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    You can also pause the app (in debug mode) when it hangs and look at all the AsyncTasks that are in the 'RUNNING' state. – Rich Ehmer Jun 6 '17 at 20:58

As per answer by MaciejGórski to the similar question:

It was a bug in my app code, where SwipeRefreshLayout animated itself indefinitely. Due to a bug in this component, the refresh state was not even showing.

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