One of the tabs in my app presents blog posts. I notice that when I move to another tab or leave the app that when I return, new blog posts are not downloading. The download is kicked off by viewDidLoad() in the ViewController. It's not firing when I return to this view.

Why isn't viewDidLoad() firing when I leave the app? How long does the app remain view loaded in memory?

How should I check for new posts when the user comes back to the app or from another tab?


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You can use the applicationDidBecomeActive notification to trigger updates or whatever else you want your app to do when it is brought back from the background.

There is a good answer on this here: How can I use applicationDidBecomeActive in UIViewController?

There is also a good article on Apple's website about handling transitions from various app states here:

viewDidLoad may not be the best place to download the updates. If for example you push from ViewController A -> ViewController B, the first view controller (A) isn't unloaded.

You may want to put the code in viewDidAppear or viewWillAppear.

Look at ViewController LifeCycle for some reference.

  • Excellent! Thanks! – Martin Muldoon Aug 9 '16 at 20:36
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    Note that viewDidAppear doesn't get called when coming back from the background if that tab is already selected. – dan Aug 9 '16 at 20:37

ViewDidLoad is only called once when the ViewController is instantiated. In a UITavBarController, the child view controllers are only instantiated once. As you move from tab to tab, the ViewControllers are kept in memory.

If you background the app, then iOS will keep it in memory until it starts to get low, then starts to terminate apps.

Take a look at the delegate for the TabBar

This can tell you specifically when the user switches tabs. But if they flip back and forth, it could needlessly create several API requests.

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