Is there any way in Visual Studio that I can register to get notification every time new version of installed nuget package available, without open the nuget packege manager UI? (like we get notification for VS updates)

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As an idea, if you have an RSS reader (like Feedly), you can subscribe to the releases feed

(for example, https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.Identity.Client/atom.xml)


You can consume the RSS release feed from Nuget with IFTTT's Rss to Email applet. When new entries show up; IFTTT sends you an email.

  • do you know if there's a way to receive e-mail notifications only for major releases but not for minor releases etc.? as far as i've seen, there's no dedicated rss feed that contains only major releases.
    – Dario
    Commented Jun 15, 2023 at 9:05

The NuGet plugin doesn't support this to my knowledge and doesn't appear to be planning on it.

The best reference I have for this a couple years old.

Some others have attempted to find a work-around.


At present version of Visual Studio, I don’t find any settings can add the NuGet Package updates notification into Visual Studio Notification window. Since NuGet Package Manager is an extension for Visual Studio, I have submit a feature request for this extension in below link. You can add your own idea for that feedback.


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