I am trying to add a class to a button generated with rails button_to helper, but I cannot find a consistent answer to the question of how to incorporate the class into the declaration. I have:

 <%= button_to("Logout", session_url, method: :delete, class:'waves-effect waves-light btn-large') %>

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Try this

<%= button_to("Logout", session_url, method: :delete, :class => "btn btn-success") %>

This works fine for me


You need to split the "html options" from the "make the button_to" options - ie make two separate hashes eg:

<%= button_to("Logout", session_url, {method: :delete}, {class:'waves-effect waves-light btn-large'}) %>

Try this:

<%= button_to "Logout", session_url, method: :delete, form_class:"waves-effect waves-light btn-large" %>

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