I am trying to upload/retrieve files from Amazon S3 using Laravels FileSystem.

I have setup an Amazon S3 account and created a new user using IAM. I've given the user the policy of AmazonS3FullAccess. I have generated the the keys and copied the access and secret key.

I've added the keys to the file system config along with the region Frankfurt and my bucketname. I've also set the default disk to s3.

When i try to simply upload a file to the S3 disk I'm getting an error.

    's3' => [
        'driver' => 's3',
        'key' => env('S3_KEY'),
        'secret' =>  env('S3_SECRET'),
        'region' =>  env('S3_REGION'),
        'bucket' =>  env('S3_BUCKET'),


Route::get('s3', function() {
    Storage::put('myfile.txt' , 'Test File');


Error executing "ListObjects" on "https://s3.frankfurt.amazonaws.com/bucketnamehere?prefix=myfile.txt%2F&max-keys=1&encoding-type=url"; AWS HTTP error: Error creating resource: [message] fopen(https://s3.frankfurt.amazonaws.com/bucketnamehere?prefix=myfile.txt%2F&max-keys=1&encoding-type=url): failed to open stream: Connection refused
[file] /var/www/ProjectNameHere-Events/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Handler/StreamHandler.php
[line] 312

Two points I noticed from the HTTP request, you need to add the correct parameters in your .env


I noticed from the endpoint that the bucket name is incorrect, unless you have changed for security.

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