We use Spring, and a PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer to wire our properties. Currently, we have set setIgnoreUnresolvablePlaceholders to true which lets the app just continue if a property is missing.

While I think it's better to just crash the app, we find this to risky at the moment, so we would like a intermediate solution: warn on missing properties.

We would like a log message on warn or error level that a property is missing, but the app should still do a best effort to start.

Is this possible in Spring 4 and Java 8?

  • it would be nice to share some code.. that way we have a clearer picture of what you're saying – Sohlowmawn Aug 10 '16 at 10:08

Look at the source of the PropertySourcesPlaceHolderConfigurer, specifically the processProperties method:

protected void processProperties(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory beanFactoryToProcess,
        final ConfigurablePropertyResolver propertyResolver) throws BeansException {


    StringValueResolver valueResolver = new StringValueResolver() {
        public String resolveStringValue(String strVal) {
            String resolved = (ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders ?
                    propertyResolver.resolvePlaceholders(strVal) :
            if (trimValues) {
                resolved = resolved.trim();
            return (resolved.equals(nullValue) ? null : resolved);

    doProcessProperties(beanFactoryToProcess, valueResolver);

You can see that it contains a simple check.
You can also see that the method is protected.
The solution then would be to create your own PropertySourcesPlaceHolderConfigurer subclass, which overrides the method. It contains exactly the same code... but logs a warning.


String resolved = (ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders ?
        propertyResolver.resolvePlaceholders(strVal) :

Then becomes

String resolved = (ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders ?
        propertyResolver.resolvePlaceholders(strVal) :
if(strVal.equals(resolved)) {
    LOG.warn("Property "+ strVal+ " could not be found");

Maybe not the easiest solution...

  • Thank you, this worked. Turned out that there are many strings being resolved (mainly package names, empty strings, etc) by the spring framework, so I had to filter that out. I added a regex check for spring property placeholders – Jesse van Bekkum Aug 10 '16 at 12:39

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